Through a famous catchphrase which automatically speaks to generations of audiophiles and music lovers all over the world for several decades - Ethel Lindsey wanted to bring back to the mind of listeners, the thrilling experience of unveiling mint records and the magical feeling felt when we are discovering new music as well. Some of this music would become timeless and unforgettable as much as these « audiophile experiences » 
Here at LND we had a lot of fun joking around this « sticker affair » which is of course known from us all and was good enough to appear as a « symbolic » concept. 
Each podcast from FSFYP will include tracks selected by Ethel and will give you an exquisite taste of the Afro American and Westcoast music genres from the 70’s to the 90’s. Whether it’s soulful or soft rock, We are talking about a musical « constellation » where we will explore hidden treasures as much as classics. Moreover, a subtitle will indicate the mood and period of each playlist. 
Let’s pretend we unsealed it for you !

LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Factory Sealed For Your Protection EP6 by Ethel Lindsey

April 08, 2020

01.Chaka Khan - Move Me No Mountain
02.The Gap Band - I'm In Love
03.Byrne & Barnes - Love You Out Of Your Mind
04.Robert Palmer - Spanish Moon
05.Debra Laws - Meant For You
06.Average White Band - One Look Over My Shoulder
07.David Loggins - The Fool In Me
08.Wanda Walden - Just To Love You
09.Seals & Crofts - I Keep Changing The Faces
10.Ronnie Foster - Midnight Plane (12" version)
11.Chicago - What Can I Say
12.Eric Gale - Ginseng Woman
13.Billy Joel - Get It Right the First Time
14.Jeffrey Osborne - I Don’t Really Need No Light
15.The Blackbyrds - Enter In
16.Roger Voudouris - We Only Dance Cause We Have To
17.Bobby Broom - Clean Sweep
18.Gino vannelli - Put The Weight On My Shoulders
19.Norman Connors - Kingston
20.Johnny Guitar Watson - That’s What Time It Is
21.Slave - Party Lites (Joey Negro Boogiefied Mix)
22.David Sanborn - Duck Ankles
23.Kenny Loggins - I've Got The Melody (Deep In My Heart)
24.Diana Ross - Tenderness (M+M Mix)
25.Santana feat. Alex Ligertwood - Stay Beside Me
26.Pleasure - The Real Thing
27.Jaye P. Morgan - Its Been So Long
28.Sergio Mendes - That’s Enough For Me
29.Randy Goodrum - Fool's Paradise
30.Stephen Bishop - Send A Little Love My Way
31.Michael Wycoff - Love Conquers All
32.George Duke - Every Little Step I Take
33.Pointer Sisters - Here Is Where Your Love Belongs

LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Factory Sealed For Your Protection EP5 by Ethel Lindsey

May 28, 2019

After the magnum french adventure we went through with my homies from « the french connection » and eventually my fourth episode of FSFYP,
I’m back now with the best of Soul/Funk, Aor from hey days throwing even some rarities coming from the artist’s vaults and I included it in the tracklist.
This Fifth episode brings you some of the best funk and AOR ballads for our upcoming summer days.
While previous episode were more focused on AOR somehow, this one’s contains a few more boogies and grooves than before.
Some cuts really shows how Disco redefined musicians’s willingness to recapture the true authentic spririt of Funk Music after that 70’s journey, focusing on hard grooves and more complex rhythm than obvious 4 on the floors with the hit hat which was a disco trademark.
We’re still navigating between 1978 and the mid eighties, so you’ll feel the change of direction in some productions as it became more minimalistic along the way.
I didn’t resist adding some epic or sweet tracks coming from Hall & Oates, and Stephen Bishop.
They’re here in this collection to show a true bridge between Soft Rock/Aor and Soul in general.
Disco was in fact a trendy color added to these tracks. 
You’ll also hear an alternate version from The Jacksons, which contains a unrealeased vocal bridge from Michael Jackson for the first time in 39 years.
I really hope you’ll enjoy this selection as much as i had a ball making it really ecclectic. 
This time Rick James will not ask you to smoke or join his Pfunk party, instead he will invite you to celebrate Summer, and Dan hartman will also celebrate Summer’s boogie as well.
Let’s unseal a musical and colored summer on LND !

Ethel Lindsey

01.Isley Jasper Isley - I can't Hardly wait 
02.The Jones Girls - Children Of The Night
03.Rick James - Summer Love
04.Earth, Wind & Fire - Turn It Into Something Good
05.Jermaine Jackson - All Because Of You
06.Tavares - She Can Wait Forever
07.Hall & Oates - Melody for a Memory (studio version)
08.Tower of Power - Our Love (Album Version)
09.Boz Scaggs - Jojo
10.Dan Hartman - Boogie All Summer (April Music Rare Long Version)
11.Alfie Silas - Let me the love in your life
12.Jeffrey Osborne - New Love
13.Spyro Gyra - Cockatoo
14.Marilyn Scott - Only You
15.Aretha Franklin - If she don't want your lovin'
16.Johnny Mathis & Chic - Something to sing about 
17.Delegation - I figured i'm out of your life
18.Bill Withers - All because of you
19.Marc Jordan - Generalities
20.Mystic Merlin - Back To Zero
21.Paul Davis - Do Right
22.Michael Franks - Flirtation
23.The Sylvers - I'm Getting Over
24.Lamont Dozier - Shout about it 
25.Heatwave - Turn Around
26.Bill Summers & the summers Heat - You Better turn around
27.The Brecker Brothers Featuring D.J. Rogers & Carl Carlwell - You Ga (Ta Give It)
28.Next Evidence Feat. Nda Davenport - When we dance
29.The Gap Band - Party Lights
30.Stanley Clarke - The story of a man & a woman 
31.The Reddings - Steamin out
32.Twennynine feat. Lenny White & Larry Dunn - Just Right For Me
33.The Brothers Johnson - Do It For Love (Album Version)
34.The Jacksons - Wondering Who (Nick's Redux version)
35.Prince - Kiss me Quick (Unreleased - Ethel Lindsey's Long Edit)
36.Con Funk Shun - Love's Train
37.Average White Band - For You, For Love
38.Stephen Bishop feat Chaka khan and Natalie Cole - A fool at heart
39.Leon Ware - Love Is A Simple Thing
40.Bobby Caldwell - Jamaica
41.Junior Giscombe - Is This Love
42.Carole Bayer Sager - Stronger Than Before
43.Peter Allen - Fly Away
44.George Duke - Every little step i take
45.Nolen & Crossley - Face On The Photograph

LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Factory Sealed For Your Protection EP4 by Ethel Lindsey (A French Odyssey)

January 19, 2019

After three adventures in the land of Soulful AOR coming from America, « Factory Sealed for Your Protection » choose to join the La French Connection’s direction for a special volume also dedicated to the golden era of French Music. American Music completely inspired french Musicians for long decades, but it was more noticeable starting in the late sixties until the early eighties. We’ve already set the stage earlier introducing some heavy weights from France like Iconic engineers, Bernard Estardy, Dominique Blanc Francard, or Jean Pierre janiaud to name a few, and told you some facts about incredibly gifted cats like Slim Pezin, Jean Pierre Sabar, Jean Shultheis or Gabriel Yared. 

One era, one night in a French odyssey and 40 guilty pleasures.
This magnum opus gives you the very best from a simple goal: « America you made us dream, you taught us well, so now here’s what we ( French people) can do with our tools, French language or not »
A fact is interesting in this collection. You will hear two generations of engineers and musicians. A real change of guard well assumed and executed.
You thought that was only gonna be just a boogie affair ? Not at all ! FSFYP (as we did for The LA French connection volumes) demanded more research and a hard diggin to offer you a complete French Aor/soulful/ funky/ discoish and yet Jazzy stuff you ‘ll get elsewhere ! 
Of course there are many other tracks and artists but you will hold the essential jewels next to your ears. Most of it was brilliantly produced and unfortunately forgotten through time. 
This is really a dream come true working on this special edition as it is with my pals from L.F.C. 
This time it’s a true homage to our French icons and musical heritage.
As far as Sealed is concerned we broke the rule a little on this one .. due to some extreme rarities ?? 
Hope you’ll Enjoy it.

Ethel Lindsey.

01.Didier Makaga - Faut pas faire la tête
02.Sacha Distel - Feel it Bad
03.Veronique Sanson - Y 'a pas de doute
04.Sylvie Vartan - Please Stay
05.Henri Salvador - Les gens de la légende 
06.Raphaël Fays - Anyway
07.France Gall - Dancing Disco
08.Jacquie Quartz - Mise au point
09.Johnny Halliday - Tout M'enchaine (1977 version)
10.Trampoline - Long Time No See
11.Ceccarelli, Chantereau, Padovan et Pezin (C.C.P.P) - Prancaï (Gang Progress II) 
12.Herbert Leonard - J'te Lacherai pas
13.Jane Birkin - Baby lou
14.Plastic Bertrand - Stop ou Encore
15.Michel Fugain - J'suis bien
16.Intrinsic Trance (Mort Shuman) - Help Policeman
17.Francoise Hardy - Tabou
18.Eddy Mitchell - Tu ne dois pas toucher
19.Diane Tell - Miami
20.Michel Legrand - Mon coeur en papier
21.Ménage à trois ( Colombier & Polnareff ) - Big Street (do or die) 
22.Jay Alanski - Amoureux d'elle 
23.Michel Jonasz - Mini Cassette (original studio)
24.Chagrin d'amour - Blonde Platine-Chacun Fait ce qu'il lui plait (version album)
25.Yellowhand feat. Francois Feldman - You want Every night (Fire Sign mix) 
26.Joe Dassin - Quand la chance passe & Le Jardin du luxembourg part II (Medley 1978 Tee two Mariani Edit)
27.Black White & Co (Sydney) - Action for love 
28.Demis Roussos - L.O.V.E got a hold on me (12 inch)
29.Sheila - Vis Vas
30.Martin Circus - Disco Circus (Ethel's Edit)
31.Serge Gainsbourg - Discophotèque (B.O Madame Claude.1)
32.Alain Chamfort - Privé
33.Carol Ray Band (Raymond Donnez) - Let's our thaw out 
34.Christian Gaubert - Sweet and Fool Like a Child
35.Paul Fathy - Funky Baby Love
36.Julien Clerc - Bibliothèque Mazarine (Ethel's edit)
37.Claude Nougaro - Je suis sous (Version 1981)
38.Laurent Voulzy - Cocktail chez mademoiselle
39.Michel Polnareff - Coucou me Revoilou
40.Michel Berger - Lumière du jour
41.Gabriel Yared - Violoncelle
42.David Koven - Doux type tout sweet

LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Factory Sealed For Your Protection by Ethel Lindsey EP3

December 01, 2018

Never II without III – the golden era 77/83 vol III, there you go…
This new volume starts where the previous episode left us.
But this time it’s all about diversity ! Let’s pretend our listener came back from his favourite record store and had a much more ecclectic taste. He is so happy because his lp’s are new and shiny under the cellophane. He smiles and he is proud because he picked up a Gino Vanelli Album but also an obscure one by a french guy named Michel Polnareff.
Now we have a perfect trilogy and this third magnum opus demonstrates that west coast music have always been refined over the years to fit in so many directions. 
Here we have a little glimpse of exotic AOR with the introduction of brazilian fine cuts recorded by culte, major and cherished brazilians artists, like Gilberto Gil and Rita Lee who also worked often together in the past. I’m pretty sure i will do a brazil collection in 2019. Why not ?
Electronics were integral parts of the evolution, and were enough used by George Duke or Ronnie Foster to influence David Foster, Michael Omartian or Jay graydon to do the same.
In this collection i wanted to bring back the old famous disco tracks from Robert Palmer, but also from L.A.X, a belgium studio project led by Ralph Benatar who used players from the wonderful short lived group, Pieces ( also included once again in the package).
What a pleasure to hear the incredible voice of  Geoffrey Leib, a rare vocalist recorded at the end of the seventies who will later re-emerge as his alter ego, Jeff Paris for the hapiness of heavy melodic metal rock purists.
Yes we do have disco but Jazz funk for sure with our heroes from the GRP label, Tom Browne and Bobby Broom.
You’ll find soulfunk gems coming from Ozone, Alfie Silas or even Marcus Miller.
New guests like The famous Nolan sisters, Nicolette Larson, and the great Ned Doheny are also included in this « sealed with love » collection of gorgeous tracks.
We’ll continue our FSFYP Odyssey in this golden era vein in 2019.
Be also prepared for an alternative collection of FSFYP to come who will also be seriously focused on Moog synths from 1975 to 1979.
I’ll probably call it « Back in 1978 »

01.Hall & Oates - Time's Up (Alone Tonight)
02.Marcus Miller - Just What I Needed
03.The Nolans - Every Little Thing
04.Michel Polnareff - Joue Moi De Toi
05.Masaki Matsubara feat. Eric Tagg - Painted Woman
06.Roger Voudouris - Let her get away 
07.Robert Palmer - Every Kinda People
08.Gino Vannelli - The River Must Flow
09.Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne
10.Bill Champlin - Fly With Me
11.Bill LaBounty - Nobody's Fool
12.David Roberts - Wrong Side of The Tracks
13.Rufus - Hold On To A Friend
14.Breakwater - Let Love In
15.Bugatti & Musker - Soul Mates
16.The Brothers Johnson - Blam!!
17.Patrice Rushen - Cha Cha
18.Jeff Tyzik - Sweet Nothings
19.Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love (Disco 12 inch Mix)
20.Ronnie Foster - Let me in your life
21.Ozone - Our Hearts Will always shine
22.Gilberto Gil - Corações A Mil (vocal version) 
23.Bobby Broom - Share My Love
24.Tom Browne - Come For The Ride
25.Rita Lee - Caso Sério
26.Leon Ware - Don't Stay Away (LP Version)
27.Pieces - Who You Been Doin'
28.George Duke - I Love You More
29.L.A.X Feat. Pieces - Dancing at the disco (Ethel's Edit)
30.Earth Wind & Fire - Song In My Heart
31.René & Angela - Love Won't Slip Away
32.Average White Band - You Wanna Belong
33.Alfie Silas - Can't we do it all again
34.Al Jarreau - Gimme What You Got
35.Michael Franks Feat. Renee Diggs - Love Duet

LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Factory Sealed For Your Protection by Ethel Lindsey EP2

October 23, 2018

The golden era II - 1977/1983: 
« Let’s pretend we unseal it for you ! » : this is the leading catchphrase we had in mind as far as this « factory sealed for your protection » project is concerned. 
It’s still the case. Here we have real jewels on the gold turntable, ready to be played as if it was the first time you hear it.  
I’m back with nothing but pure honey from the jar. With heavyweights like David Williams, Pages, the jazz crusaders, AWB Or the best British songwriters from the eighties, Bugatti and Musker, you cannot lose ! This delightful sequel I prepared with love and passion gives you the very best from the golden era of the soulful Westcoast agenda. 
Obviously I couldn’t resist adding a disco flavor to the whole affair. The melodies and sound textures are on high levels. I truly hope you’ll have a ball listening to it. Now’s a chance to rediscover some obscures beauty coming from the Joe Chemay Band and Turley Richards. Last but not leas, there’s a special room for the late Roger Voudouris, a great artist, FSFYP didn’t want to forgot and wish to include in the mix. I dedicate this podcast to the memory of Roger. We thank you for the thrills you gave us, blessing us with your music, making our « Radio Dream » truly complete. To be continued. Many thanks to The LND team for their trust and enthusiasm. You’re the best

01.Lee Ritenour feat. Eric Tagg - Keep It Alive
02.Pages - Who's Right, Who's Wrong
03.Roger Voudouris - Get Used to it
04.The Joe Chemay Band - Bad Enough
05.James Taylor - Your Smiling Face
06.Bruce Hibbard-Love Will Always Make A Way
07.David Williams - When Your Dreams Come True
08.Jeff Lorber Feat Greg Walker - It's a Fact
09.Philip Bailey - I Know
10.The Jones Girls - When I'm Gone
11.Turley Richards - When I lose my way
12.Time Bandits - Only Lovers Will Survive
13.Don Blackman - Heart's Desire
14.Gilles Rivard - Je Reviens
15.Average White Band - Love Gives, Love Takes Away
16.Michael Sembello - Cowboy
17.Bugatti & Musker -  Mystery Girl
18.David Sanborn - Port Of Call 
19.Larry John McNally - Just Like Paradise
20.The S.O.S Band - You
21.Leon Ware - Lost In Love With You
22.Bernard Wright - Bread Sandwiches
23.Alain Chamfort - Poupée Poupée
24.The Crusaders - Cosmic Reign
25.Cheryl Lynn - I've got just what you need 
26.Huey Lewis & The News - Whatever Happen To True Love
27.Bobby Caldwell - Loving You
28.Peter Allen - Bi Coastal
29.Diana Ross - Let's Go Up
30.Marilyn Scott - This Side Of The Rainbow

31.Airplay - Bix
32.Ritchie Family - Cold Winds

LATE NIGHT DREAM Presents Factory Sealed For Your Protection by Ethel Lindsey EP1

September 04, 2018

This very first episode of F.S.F.Y.P sends us directly in a period we generally consider as « the golden era » for all kinds of music. 
From 1975 to the early eighties everything seemed to move forwards in the music world and business at a fast pace 
A whole New and exciting generation of Artists/ groups used new born recording techniques, and introduced us to new electronic instruments like Moog and Oberheim synths which brought wonderful atmospheres. 
All these parameters changed the ways of crafting songs and performing it as well. Nowdays we’re coming back to what we thought was kitsh.
To me, it seemed interesting to focus on what happened to the rawness of music itself, from 1975 to 1983. 
Westcoast music has been redefined with elements of jazz, funk and polished to the extremes to become more accessible, more classy and even more pop.
It has to be reworked with the secret desire to seduce more audiences and allow artists to crossover.

I believe excellence inspires excellence and it gives the will to create material as good as possible, and maybe to surpass ourselves.
The success of EWF forever changed George Duke’s vision of jazz fusion and drove him to embrace his knack for melody, or his love for brazilian music.
George Duke, David Foster, Bill Champlin, Al jarreau slowly but surely found their own formula. Australian Singer, Renée Geyer and the short lived group, Pieces - explored the roots of R&B and embelished the hours of AOR Disco.
Steely Dan has included urban grooves in their complex jazz rock chords and structures without sacrify their unique identity. How a group like that has influenced a young brazilian cat years later?
Chris Jasper from the isley brothers once said that the competition in this era was outstanding, crazy and rude with an incredible number of album released every week.
The competition was hard but yet inspiring. Jasper has composed the majority of Isley brother’s albums during the group’s golden age. 
Record Companies and Music Lovers found new tags for these redefined and hybrid music genres. Thats how the « Blue Eyed Soul » and « Yatch Rock » Worlds were born. 
Ewf and many funk groups revamped their grooves and sound thanks to their producers and arrangers. They went also mellow and flirted with new synthetisers.
It was the same for Rock and derivated music.
Through these years, Rhodes piano played a key role in the mellow side more and more. It allowed Artists to explore sensuality and softness in their albums.
David Foster recently mentionned that Maurice White was his true mentor. The connection between Foster and his musical associates led to an automatic musical aknowledgment of EWF. 
As far as Boz Scaggs or Kenny Loggins’s evolution is concerned, it was obvious that following trends was crucial in their developpement.
Not only because of the market itself but because of their abilities to explore. 
It proved to be a good step for some of them, as they somehow published some of their best works between 75 and 83. 
A period where Quality, Professionalism, and excellence at many levels were equally balanced and in a glossy way.
So here’s a first selection coming from what i truly cherish from that period. There’s also a will to offer you the finest and worthy disco cuts along with the cream of West Coast, Soul/Funk and Poppy/Rock oriented tracks. You’ll also find Jazz Funk cuts as well.

Music is a full circle : Today, these Sultry grooves, generous vocalists, awesome and unbelivable arrangements, stands out like an everlasting inspiration on what music should be and should stay :Real, warm, organic with a twist of electronics. The good news is that we have heirs of this music to remember us the beauty of this era.

Ethel Lindsey

01.Kenny Loggins - Heart To Heart
02.Raydio & Ray Parker jr - Can't Keep From Crying
03.Earth Wind & Fire - Diana
04.George Duke - Starting Again
05.The Pointer Sisters - Holdin' out for love
06.Steely Dan - Black Cow
07.Rene & Angela - I Don't Know (Where Love Comes From)
08.Boz Scaggs - Hard Times
09.Tower of Power Feat Cheryl Lynn - In Due Time (Album Version)
10.Eric Tagg - Living off the love
11.Pieces - Dance So Good
12.Renee Geyer - Be There in the morning (77' Version)
13.Googie & Tom Coppola - Let this river flow
14.Tata Vega - Magic Feeling
15.L.A Boppers - La La Means I Love You
16.Jay Alanski - Geraldine (Vinyl Rip - Never Released in cd)
17.Tom Browne - Throw Down
18.Rufus with Chaka Khan - Blue Love
19.Average White Band - Help Is On The Way
20.Dan Hartman - Hands Down (Hands Up)
21.Johnny Guitar Watson - I miss your kiss
22.Champaign - Try Again
23.Twennynine feat Lenny White & Larry Dunn - Back To You
24.Lisa Dal Bello - Don't Want to Stand In Your Way
25.Larry John McNally - Real Good Thing
26.Dave Loggins -You Made Me Feel Love
27.Jon Gibson - So in love with you
28.Dusty Springfield - Closet Man
29.Andrew Gold - Genevieve
30.Roby Duke - Can't stop runnin

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